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< previous page page_217 next page > Page 217 12 What world view is actually underlying the design of S? Is it the world view of (some of) the involved or of (some of) the affected? In the preceding 11 responses we have made several points directed at highlighting potential taken-for-granted assumptions in the development of the multi- agency approach with respect to the carrying of offensive weapons. These assumptions suggest that the world view, despite the good intentions of the designers, may be subject to dominance. It is difficult to imagine that the bias towards the Police Force, in terms of those responsible for measures of performance and, to some extent, determining the membership and functioning of the discussion groups, will not be responsible in part for setting the underlying world view, emphasis and purpose of the design. We have considered some of the details of the proposed multi-agency approach,
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employing the 12 critically heuristic categories in the "is" mode. Ulrich's scheme has
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