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< previous page page_218 next page > Page 218 it does not help us to reflect upon the material conditions that give rise to those ideas and which lead to certain ideas holding sway. Obviously an analysis conducted according to Ulrich's recommendations will help point to such material conditions. What it cannot do is provide an examination or explanation of the nature and development of those conditions. Material conditions that lead to particular ideas prevailing and to particular designs winning acceptance have to be introduced by Ulrich as "common sense" explanations of what is occurring. (b) This same neglect of the structural aspects and development of social systems means that Ulrich's recommendations ultimately are just as Utopian as Habermas'. The question remains: "Why should the involved bother to take account of the views and interests of those who are affected but not involved?" The question of which class, group or agency has the power, the will and the interest to bring about the rational society has bothered theorists throughout the twentieth century. No consensus has
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