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< previous page page_222 next page > Page 222 Flood, R. L. and Ulrich, W. (1989). Testament to conversations on critical systems thinking between two systems practitioners, Systems Practice , 3, 729. For the critique, see: Jackson, M. C. (1985). The itinerary of a critical approach, review of Ulrich's "Critical Heuristics of Social
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Unformatted text preview: Planning&quot;, Journal of the Operational Research Society , 36, 87881. Wilmott, H. (1989). OR as a problem situation: From soft systems methodology to critical science, in OR and the Social Sciences , (eds. M. C. Jackson, P. Keys, S. A. Cropper), pp.6578, Plenum, New York. &lt; previous page page_222 next page &gt;...
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page_222 - Planning&amp;amp;quot;, Journal of the...

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