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< previous page page_223 next page > Page 223 Chapter 10 Total Systems Intervention (TSI) Revisited That we disavow reflection is positivism. J. Habermas, in the Preface to Knowledge and Human Interests. 10.1 A Brief Note on TSI Throughout this book we have emphasised the importance of the logic and process of TSI for the management and systems sciences; how "creativity", "choice" and ''implementation" TSI style amount to a powerful approach to "problem solving" for managers, decision makers, planners, consultants and all people engaged in social systems and attracted by the idea of changing them. This at the broadest level is "Total Systems Intervention".
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"Intervention", because we are advocating an activity that will inevitably bring about change, change of all sorts and right
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Unformatted text preview: from the very beginning too, from invisible effects of learning by interjecting new creative thoughts among old stale ones, to relevant, progressive change in organisational and social order. &quot;Systems&quot;, because we are drawing upon and critically interpreting a mass of ideas from systems thinking, ideas which promote the process of TSI itself as well as underpinning in various ways the methodologies that we consider most important for intervention. &quot;Total&quot;, because we seek to use insights from the whole of the systems and management sciences to address the whole array of organisational and societal &quot;problems&quot;, and because we want to be explicit that what we are ideally talking about is the &lt; previous page page_223 next page &gt;...
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page_223 - from the very beginning too, from invisible...

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