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< previous page page_224 next page > Page 224 involvement of all actors caught, willingly or not, in "systems" and in systems intervention activities. This is our claim. We are confident that we have constructed a new way forward for the systems and management sciences which is theoretically coherent, practically useful and which does not involve wholesale commitment to just one body of thought or approach. Let us now look once again at TSI, following one complete intervention driven by its logic and process. We should provide a complete run through now, anyway, because we have just finished discussions on "implementation" (the use of methodologies) which completes our presentation of the three phases of TSI. Earlier in Chapter 3, we were only able to work briefly through the three stages in a short example. But now with so many actual uses of methodologies, guided by TSI, behind us, we are in a position
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to be able to take the reader through a larger example in a hopefully informative way. Naturally, this then sets the
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