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page_230 next page > Page 230 unlikely, as outsiders, to discover any magical solutions that had not occurred to those already living in the situation. The role of the project, therefore, had to be seen as generating a "culture" for change in the organisation; and change which did not offend any of the groups in the "coalition". At the same time, of course, the eventual design had to meet cybernetic criteria of viability. The Executive had to become an effective "brain". This led to the choice of SSM as the dominant methodology. SSM rests upon ''complex- pluralist" assumptions and articulates particularly well the concerns of the culture and coalition metaphors in its procedures. There was also likely to be a role for VSD as a supporting methodology, backing up SSM in dealing with complexity because of its uniquely explicit understanding of brain-related issues (learning, forward thinking, etc.). Finally, it seemed as well to be
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