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< previous page page_231 next page > Page 231 (c) A representative system: expanding the voluntary sector's voice on other crucial decision-making bodies. (d) A monitoring and controlling system: embracing the classical role of a management committee. (e) An accounting system: ensuring that the organisation is seen to conduct its affairs competently in the eyes of those to whom it is accountable. (f) A staff support system: practically demonstrating support towards those appointed to manage the organisation. During the course of the work on relevant systems, it
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occurred to the analysts that much of our thinking was being guided by the roles any management or "meta-system" would have to perform in seeking to control a highly complex set of operations. In other words, we were thinking in "cybernetic" terms. It was decided to make this explicit and to see whether our relevant systems "covered the ground'' in terms of the functions a meta-system has to fulfil. This was done by locating the
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