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< previous page page_232 next page > Page 232 Figure 10.3 The six relevant systems related to functions in Beer's viable system model for the Council for Voluntary Service example to take over from the "culture" and "coalition" emphasis supplied by SSM. Although all six chosen systems were relevant to improving the overall effectiveness of the CVS, it became clear that only four related specifically to the main area of concernthe ability of the Executive to control the organisation. The "need-seeking" and
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"representative" systems (the System 4 roles) were taken a little further in the study and then dropped. They will not be discussed again here.
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Unformatted text preview: The next stage was to build "root definitions" and "conceptual models" of the relevant systems. The root definitions and the CATWOE checks are supplied below. For reference purposes the systems retain the original letters by which they were identified above. Figures 10.4 and 10.5 are the conceptual models developed respectively from root definition (a) and root definition (d), and are supplied as examples. Root Definition (a): A Policy Processing System "A West Newton CVS owned policy processing system which aims to represent the broad judgement of the Council and is thus able to create, < previous page page_232 next page >...
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page_232 - The next stage was to build "root...

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