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< previous page page_239 next page > Page 239 from the main Executive and thus cut overload. It could also pre-digest management issues for the Executive. Of course, it was also the focus for the support groups. The strengthened finance committee should comprise the General Secretary, Deputy General Secretary, five or six Executive representatives and, perhaps, a financial adviseraround eight people in all. Its role was to support the Deputy General Secretary. Executive members on this committee should possess some financial acumen, and thought should be given to involving an external adviser. It was recommended that both these committees be delegated strong powers by the main Executive to deal with management and finance issues, thus freeing the Executive for policy discussions. Procedura l
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The three tier system (set out in Figure 10.6) was to operate on a nine week cycle. The support groups would meet during weeks one and two, with important issues being taken to the general management committee by the
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