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< previous page page_241 next page > Page 241 10.3 Critique of TSI We shall present some criticisms that we suspect might be levelled against TSI and seek to address them. In due course other criticisms will emerge and those will have to be answered at that time. Theor y (a) It might be argued that we have massively over elaborated. We have subjected the reader to many different metaphors and methodologies and, on top of that, we insist that he or she becomes familiar with the logic and process of TSI. Furthermore, we suggest that the five main metaphors presented in Chapter 1 can easily be supplemented with others, for more sophisticated users of TSI. And there are, of course, other systems
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methodologies which could be included in the TSI schema. If we had to answer this with respect to the metaphors we would state that we are in fact simplifying the task for the reader by making sophisticated use of some basic understandings that each one of us already possesses. What we would suggest is that
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page_241 - Page 241 10.3...

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