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< previous page page_242 next page > Page 242 putting for would be users of systems approaches. By showing the relationships between different systems methodologies, by exposing their fundamental assumptions, we have been able to re- establish "systems" as a unified discipline of thought which can readily be grasped by managers and decision makers. (b) TSI could be accused of being very much centred on human beings and the pursuance of human well- being. We have followed Habermas in seeking to promote the three human interests in control, communication and emancipation. Perhaps this is assuming a superior position over other orders of life and over all inanimate things. The approach of TSI, for example, does not properly deal with environmental issues. In a sense its monolithic discourse is concerned only with the achievement of human well- being in the longer term. To this charge we have to
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plead, to some extent, guilty. The question is, it seems to us,
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