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< previous page page_245 next page > Page 245 10.4 Conclusion This volume, Creative Problem Solving: Total Systems Intervention , amounts to the bringing together of a huge human effort in the area of the management sciences. Our part in this has been a major contribution to the development of critical systems thinking, and the pragmatisation of this in the logic and process of Total Systems Intervention. This effort has taken many years, which includes substantial amounts of time applying the worked out ideas in the practical world. The nature of our employment, being currently based at Hull University, has allowed us to employ the ideas at both competitive consultancy rates for commercial enterprises and free of charge for voluntary and charitable organisations. Through this we have been able to analyse our ideas at work across a whole spectrum of contexts. The part played by others in
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this huge human effort is vast. Each particular methodology
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Unformatted text preview: that we have presented in this book is the realisation of years of work by many people, and the management and organisation theory to which we refer goes back nearly a century and has employed armies of researchers. We rest, with TSI, on the very top of this mountain, able to experience an overview of the management-oriented disciplines and able to help managers and decision makers gain a command over how to employ them as a whole. 10.5 Case Study Now it is time for you, the reader, to tackle your next case study, and that is to be found in your own work or social domain, wherever that may be. 10.6 Further Reading For &quot;cognitive mapping&quot; mentioned in this chapter see: Eden, C., Jones, S. and Sims, D. (1983). Messing About in Problems , Pergamon, Oxford. For the rest of the chapter consult those references mentioned in the further reading section of Chapter 3. &lt; previous page page_245 next page &gt;...
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page_245 - that we have presented in this book is the...

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