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< previous page page_xi next page > Page xi Preface In the modern world we are faced with innumerable and multifaceted difficulties and issues which cannot be captured in the minds of a few experts and solved with the aid of some super-method. We are faced with "messes", sets of interacting problems, which range from the technical and the organisational to the social and political, and embrace concerns about the environment, the framework of society, the role of corporations and the motivation of individuals. It is the argument of this book that the search for some super- method that can address all these problems is mistaken and must quickly lead to disenchantment. It would be equally wrong, however, to revert to an heuristic, trial and error approach and seek to solve problems in that way. We need to retain rigorous and formalised thinking, while admitting the need for a range of "problem-solving" methodologies, and accepting the challenge which that brings. The future prospects of management science will be much enhanced if (a) the
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page_xi - Page xi Preface...

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