IT Skill Enhancement Assignment

IT Skill Enhancement Assignment - Create this report on any...

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1 IT Skill Enhancement Assignment 2 Aim To develop a comprehensive presentation using all skills developed with use of various other software and the skills to integrate multiple software for particular purposes. The presentation will be based on your field of study, HSS, BBS etc. Specification Write up a report no less than 750 words and no more than 1,000 words, reflecting upon your chosen field of study. Suggested topics could include; o Why did you choose that field of study? o What do you hope to achieve with your knowledge? o How has IT Skills Enhancement helped you? o What aspects of your education process did you like/not like?
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Unformatted text preview: Create this report on any of the following software packages; o Word o Excel o Powerpoint o Web Site o Blog Spell check it, page number it, include your student number in the header or footer and present it as professionally as you can. Think about using quotations, pictures, tables, etc., to illustrate your work. Submit via Turnitin only! MS Word only! .doc or .docx files only! Allocation of marks Element Percentage Report content (grammar, punctuation etc) 40 Presentation (layout, using Turnitin, using MS Word) 50 X-Factor (graphs, quotations, pictures, tables, etc.) 10 Total 100%...
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IT Skill Enhancement Assignment - Create this report on any...

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