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Management 3121 – Spring 2011 Apple Forecasting Exercise This is a required assignment, worth 2 points toward your final grade. Apple is a company that operates in a highly uncertain technological environment. As a member of the Apple team, you have been assigned the job of forecasting Apple’s annual total sales for 2011, using exponential smoothing in Excel. In the template provided, you will find annual audited sales information ($) for Apple Inc. for the period 1987-2009. Your specific tasks: 1. Using the historical sales data provided in the template, develop formulas to calculate simple exponential smoothed annual sales forecasts for each year of the period and for 2010 using alpha values of 0.2, 0.6, and 0.9, respectively. For each forecast, calculate the error, error square, absolute error and % error. Use the appropriate columns of Calculations Tab in the template. 2. In addition, use the historical sales data to develop a 3 year simple moving average annual sales forecast for each year of the period and for 2010. For each forecast, calculate the error, error square,
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