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Unformatted text preview: INFORMATION FOR MATHEMATICS MAJORS PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, 2011-2012 A. THE MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT The Chair of the Department, Professor Alice Chang, 301 Fine Hall, has general responsibility for the programs and faculty of the department. The Associate Chair and Departmental Represetative, Professor Christopher M. Skinner, 501 Fine Hall, has responsibility among other things for under- graduate course o erings and the sta ng of the undergraduate courses in mathematics, assisted by Dr. Jennifer Johnson, 710 Fine Hall, Associate De- partmental Repressentative. They should be consulted if you have questions or suggestions about the course o erings or schedules. Professor Paul D. Seymour, 201 Fine Hall, leads the undergraduate certi - cate program in applied mathematics and is a source of information about the applied mathematics track in the Mathematics Department. The Advisers for Mathematics Majors, Professor Robert Gunning, 902 Fine Hall, for the class of 2011 and Professor Manjul Bhargava, 1206 Fine Hall, for the class of 2012, have responsibility for the academic programs of the individual mathematics majors, and should be consulted about choices of courses before formally registering and about senior and junior independent work as well as about any academic problems you may have. The Undergraduate Administrator, LeeAnn Rushinski-Coleman, 306 Fine Hall, has responsibility for the records and administrative matters dealing with undergraduate mathematics courses and mathematics majors. B. GENERAL COURSE REQUIREMENTS Mathematics majors are expected to have a background knowledge of cal- culus in one and several variables and of linear algebra, and to have had at least some experience with rigorous proofs and formal mathematical ar- guments, before entering the department. The standard calculus sequence 103-104-203-204 covers the basic background material; the honors sequence 215-217-218 covers calculus and linear algebra more thoroughly and the- oretically and serves as an introduction to some mathematical techniques and results that are a background for further work in analysis. Any of the courses 214-215-217-218 will serve as introductions to rigorous proofs and formal mathematical arguments. It is not necessary for students who have had equivalent courses elsewhere to take these speci c courses; for any ques- tions please see the Advisers for Mathematics Majors. 1 Mathematics majors of course must meet the general University requirements for graduation. That includes a writing seminar, which must be taken during the freshman year, some pro ciency in a foreign language, and 10 courses in the various distribution areas as described in the undergraduate announce- ment. It is wise to get these requirements out of the way as early in your undergraduate years as possible, to leave freedom in the junior and senior years for courses in mathematics and other topics in which you are seriously interested. Mathematics majors are required to complete successfully a mini-interested....
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MathMajorsInfo2010-2011 - INFORMATION FOR MATHEMATICS...

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