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February 11, 2008 To: Professor Marilyn Montgomery From: Aaron Craven Subject: Proposal for Final Project I request that you accept this proposal for my Writing 465 final project. I would like this project to benefit the students, faculty, and administration of Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina, by providing an impetus for the development of a more private and efficient system of student evaluations. The development of a more confidential evaluative method should allow students more freedom in their responses regarding professor-related topics. If students feel that their evaluations remain confidential, then they are likely to respond more objectively and candidly. BACKGROUND On a per-semester basis, Winthrop University’s various academic colleges give students the opportunity to evaluate their courses and professors. In addition, the university also requires colleges to submit survey information on the availability of and assistance provided by instructors. This latter information is mandated by the South Carolina Department of Education. Although it is my opinion that such surveys are entirely necessary as well as very useful, the implementation of the current survey system needs improvement in several areas, which include issues of privacy, efficiency, and standardization. The most troubling of these areas is the loss of privacy created by the manner in which some student surveys are handled. Currently, most – if not all – colleges within Winthrop’s system receive handwritten comments from students as a part of standard surveys. In at least one college, these comments are then reviewed by the professor and his or her supervisor in their unaltered handwritten state. In a less personal environment, such a method would be reasonably private. However, Winthrop University prides itself on the sometimes close relationships enjoyed between students and professors. This type of relationship is quite likely to encourage students to study under the same professor in multiple classes. Because a natural academic emphasis focuses on writing, professors regularly end up with samples of student handwriting. These samples could be compared to the ostensibly anonymous student surveys, thereby allowing the professor to identify the author of the comments. I feel it unlikely that any professor I have met at Winthrop University would do something so blatantly unethical. In practice, however, such an assumption is an irresponsible one to make. Neither have I met every professor currently at Winthrop, nor can I say that every professor that will ever be hired by Winthrop will be as principled as those under whom I have been privileged to study. Students must be confident that they are protected against any
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This note was uploaded on 04/21/2011 for the course WRIT 465 taught by Professor Staff during the Spring '08 term at Winthrop.

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Aaron Craven Proposal Sample - Aaron Craven 4986 Sumter...

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