Skill-Building Glossary

Skill-Building Glossary - WRIT 465: SKILL-BUILDING GLOSSARY...

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WRIT 465: SKILL-BUILDING GLOSSARY Just as your speech is filled with many words that add nothing to what you say, your writing is often larded with words that obscure your meaning rather than clarity it. Trim this fat off to direct your reader’s attention to important words and ideas. SUPERFLUOUS NOUNS Superfluous nouns fatten many sentences and distract attention from a stronger noun by relegating it to a prepositional phrase. the field of economics CHANGE TO economics the level of wages rose CHANGE TO wages rose the process of industrialization CHANGE TO industrialization the volume of demand fell CHANGE TO demand fell Such trimming does not always work, but it does work often. Here is a list of nouns that, interposed between “the” and “of” can often be done away with. the amount of CUT the level of CUT the area of CUT the magnitude of CUT the case of CUT the nature of CUT the character of CUT the number of CUT the concept of CUT the presence of CUT the degree of CUT the process of CUT the existence of CUT the sum of CUT the extent of CUT the purpose of CUT the field of CUT the volume of CUT the form of CUT the way of CUT the idea of CUT SUPERFLUOUS VERBS There are two classes of superfluous verbs. One is an array of pretenders-idle , common verbs that supplant a working verb, which becomes a noun, such verbs as do, have, make, provide , and serve . Do a study of the effects
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Skill-Building Glossary - WRIT 465: SKILL-BUILDING GLOSSARY...

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