Spring 2011 WRIT 465 General Policies & Calendar

Spring 2011 WRIT 465 General Policies & Calendar -...

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SPRING 2011 – WRIT 465 GENERAL POLICIES – PREPARATION OF ORAL AND WRITTEN REPORTS Professor Marilyn L. Montgomery E-mail: [email protected] Office: Bancroft 216, Ext. 2485 Office Hours: TR – 2:00-4:30 By Scheduled Appointment Course Objectives : 1. To gain experience writing for different audiences such as those encountered in business and government 2. To gain skills in basic stylistic techniques in both written and oral technical presentation 3. To develop a major written report from initial proposal through final draft, including editing and revising skills 4. To become familiar with basic formats for reports 5. To use figures, illustrations, and other types of graphics in reports 6. To gather information using resources beyond and in addition to the scope provided by library sources 7. To use current technology in the most rhetorically effective manner Student Outcomes : Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: 1. Communicate to multiple professional audiences clearly and effectively through both written and verbal modes 2. Create an effective and appealing cover letter and resume for use in the job market 3. Apply critical-thinking and problem-solving skills to a variety of research methods, including interviews, surveys, literature search, and field research 4. Apply time management skills to specific tasks 5. Identify and use technical writing format strategies currently adopted by business and industry 6. Manipulate statistical and numeric data into appropriate graphic formats using various software applications 7. Identify weaknesses in their own writing and apply appropriate revision processes to strengthen communication Touchstone Goals : This course meets the following Touchstone goals: Goal One: To communicate clearly and effectively in standard English. Goal Three: To use critical thinking, problems-solving skills, and a variety of research methods. Text : TBA Attendance : Students are expected to attend class. An absence for any reason is counted as a class missed. Two (2) absences are absolutely free. Three (3) absences will reduce the final grade by 10 percent. More than three (3) absences will fail a student in this course. Students who are tardy to class must see me after class or the tardy will count as an absence. Two (2) tardies count as one absence. STUDENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING THAT TAKES PLACE IN CLASS DURING THEIR ABSENCES.
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Spring 2011 WRIT 465 General Policies & Calendar -...

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