Operations Management Assignment 2

Operations Management Assignment 2 - Name BUS 353E1...

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Name: BUS 353E1 Instructor: Jeff Bragar Date: 02/07/11 Assignment Chapter 2 1. Yes, a factory can be fast, dependable, and flexible; produce high-quality products; and still provide poor service from a customer’s perspective. Customers care about getting the right product at the right time. If you are not giving that to them, no matter what else you are doing, you are failing the customer. If you ship them the wrong thing, or too early or too late, they will not consider it good service. Even though the product or service is delivered fast, dependable, and flexible in design and features and is of high technical quality, overall service could be rated “poor” by a customer who demands a different mix of features and attributes. It is often best not to be fastest to the market, but to be the best firm in the market as judged by the ultimate customer. 2. A service organization should worry about being world-class if it does not compete outside its own national border. As the environment changes, firms can find themselves facing with competition from outside their industry or from outside their home country. Even if they do not, the principles of a world-class firm can be applied to any and all manufacturing and service concerns. Benchmarking or rating your firm’s performance to the best in your industry or class can provide future strategic directions for improvements. The Internet is global by its very nature. Retail stores must now compete with Internet stores. Local auction houses will be in competition with Internet auction sites such as eBay. Virtually all organizations will be impacted in some form by the Internet. It is important that this impact be considered. 3.
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Operations Management Assignment 2 - Name BUS 353E1...

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