Operations Management Assignment 3

Operations Management Assignment 3 - Name: BUS 353E1...

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Name: BUS 353E1 Instructor: Jeff Bragar Date: 02/014/11 Assignment Chapter 3 1. The six phases of the generic development process are Phase 0: Planning. The planning activity is often referred to as “phase zero” since it precedes the project approval and launch of the actual product development process. This phase begins with corporate strategy and includes assessment of technology developments and market objectives. The output of the planning phase is the project mission statement, which specifies the target market for the product, business goals, key assumptions, and constraints. Phase 1: Concept development. In this phase the needs of the target market are identified, alternative product concepts are generated and evaluated, and one or more concepts are selected for further development and testing. A concept is a description of the form, function, and features of a product and is usually accompanied by a set of specification, an analysis of competitive products, and an economic justification of the project. Phase 2: System-level design. The system-level design phase includes the definition of the product architecture and the decomposition of the product into subsystems and components. The final assembly scheme (which we discuss later in the chapter) for the production system is usually defined during this phase as well. The output of this phase usually includes a geometric layout of the product, a functional specification of each of the product’s subsystems, and a preliminary process flow diagram for the final assembly process. Phase 3: Design detail.
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Operations Management Assignment 3 - Name: BUS 353E1...

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