Colinus virginianus - Colinus virginianus Colinus...

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Colinus virginianus Colinus virginianus, or the Northern Bobwhite Quail, belongs to Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Chordata, Class Aves, Order Galliformes, Family Odontophoridae, Genus Colinus and Species C. virginianus (2). This animal is native to North America, specifically the southeastern united States, but some are found in Mexico, Cuba and the Caribbean (2). These birds are not domesticated but they are frequently hunted throughout their regions of habitat (2). The main focal point of study was to address actual nest success of these Bobwhites during 2003 to 2005 in a managed land or wildlife preserve for Bobwhites, and a field that was purely agricultural (1). Landscape composition, spatial pattern and microhabitat characteristics were observed and the importance of them was evaluated as well (1). There are other studies that scrutinize other comparisons between specific land that is managed for Bobwhite habitat, and those that are purely agricultural (1). The Bobwhite quail vocalizes in an interesting way, it sounds like clear whistles that can be heard as "bob-white" or "bob-bob-white" which makes them easily recognized (2). The syllables are spread out and climb in pitch up to one full octave (2). The study of these Bobwhites was located in Van Buren County in southeastern Iowa, specifically Lake Sugema Fish and Wildlife Area (LSWA) which was where quail samples were taken as well as Harrisburg Township [(HT) 1].
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Colinus virginianus - Colinus virginianus Colinus...

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