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Change Proposal2

Change Proposal2 - TO FROM DATE SUBJECT Dr Kristen Bell...

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TO: Dr. Kristen Bell DeTienne, OB 321 Professor FROM: John Smith DATE: September 17, 20X1 SUBJECT: Proposal to Write a Change Paper The following is a proposal to develop a habit of daily scripture study and prayer with my wife as part of an Individual Application study. This proposal contains background on the need for and benefits of daily scripture study, my lack of motivation to study daily up to this point, a brief summary of the work I plan to do, and how I will measure improvement. I look forward to hearing your ideas on the scope and feasibility of this project. Need for Daily Scripture Study The leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have counseled us to study the scriptures and to pray daily. For example, in his talk entitled Where is the Church? , James E. Foust told us that “family prayer [and] family scripture study…can be more effective in fostering the eternal values of love, honesty, chastity, industry, self-worth, and personal integrity than any other institution.”
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