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Jessica Kern OB 321 Individual Application Paper An organization that I suffer a low level of motivation in is my work. I currently work as a certified nurse aide (CNA) at a nursing home. My work is composed of working in a formal group everyday that I go in to work. We are assigned a specific hall to work on and with that hall comes specific, established tasks. Almost all of these tasks are designed to help the residents with their activities of daily living and to increase their independence. Most of the rest of the tasks are made up by the administration to help keep us busy. At the same time, work is also made up of task groups. Every person, whether from the administration down to housekeeping, works together. Without one level of the organization, the facility would not make it through the day. Every level works together: the administration, the nurses, the CNAs, the therapists, housekeeping, maintenance, and dietary for a common goal. Typically, in an organization like this, one would feel an increase in levels of security and self-esteem. However, just the opposite is true. The level of security is only so-so, and this uncertainty is further increased by the fact that if a resident says something about you, you get investigated. This was proved recently during an event that occurred at work. Another CNA and I were giving a resident a shower when the resident freaked out
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and started yelling and trying to hit us.
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Individual Application Paper - Jessica Kern OB 321...

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