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OB Exam 2 Review Fall 2010

OB Exam 2 Review Fall 2010 - Organizational Behavior Exam 2...

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Organizational Behavior – Exam 2 Review Sheet This study guide is intended to help you know where to focus your study time. The exam is not setup to trick you. If you study from this guide and truly understand the terms and concepts that it contains you should do very well on the exam. The study guide includes terms and concepts that are from the text, class lecture slides, and video clips shown in class. You will be accountable for concepts from the reading even if they were not discussed in class. To perform well on the exam be prepared with an answer for each of the following questions. 1. What are the basic kinds of groups? 2. Compare and contrast each group. 3. What kind of relationship exists between status and group interactions? 4. How do individual behaviors differ as group size expands or contracts? 5. What is groupthink and what are its symptoms? 6. Identify and define the four types of teams?
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