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Proposal for Change Paper Write a 1 to 2 page proposal for your major individual paper for this semester. Describe the change you’d like to make. For your proposal, answer question such as: What is the change? Is it an individual (involves you only) or organizational (involves one or more other people) change? Why do you want to make the change? If applicable, what does research or what do authorities say about the importance of this? What leads to a successful change? Whose help will you need for the change? If applicable, what does research say is the best way to approach this change? What steps are involved in the change? How will you measure improvement? How will you document your progress? Your proposal is not graded per se. We will give you credit (recorded in BlackBoard) for submitting it. You will submit your graded proposal with your final paper; your proposal quality may affect your final paper grade. Your final paper grade will be reduced by two points if you lose your graded proposal. Our goal in requiring the proposal early in the semester is to encourage you to decide on
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