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fall 10_study guide for exam 1 - • Quality dimensions •...

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BusM 361, Fall 2010 Sections 2 & 4 (Wallin): Study Guide for Exam #1 This exam is worth 80 points. There are 40 multiple choice questions worth 2 points each. The exam is closed book. You may take a non-programmable calculator into the exam. You may also write on the exam. The exam will cover the following topics: Competitive dimensions Order qualifiers/order winners Single period inventory model (order quantity) Fixed time period (aka periodic review) model (order quantity, SS, etc) Fixed order quantity (aka perpetual/continuous review) model (EOQ, ROP, SS, total cost model, etc) EOQ extension – EPQ (order quantity with incremental delivery, total cost model) Types of forecasting (qualitative, time series, causal) Qualitative forecasting methods (market research, panel consensus, historical analogy, Delphi) Quantitative forecasting methods (simple and weighted moving average, exponential smoothing, linear regression) Quantitative forecasting evaluation (AE, MAD, MSE)
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Unformatted text preview: • Quality dimensions • Quality costs (types, calculating costs based on yield, inspections, etc) • Primary focus of TQM guru’s (Deming, Juran, Crosby) • X-bar, and P charts (when to use each, how to calculate control chart elements, how to interpret results) • C pk (how to calculate, how to interpret results) • In-class simulations Attached formulas and a z-score table will be provided. Formulas UCL f8e5 x = X + zs f8e5 x LCL f8e5 x = X − zs x UCL p = p + zs p LCL p = p − zs p Y = a + bx F t+1 = F t + α (A t – F t ) H DS Q opt 2 = I z L T d q L T-+ + = + σ ) ( 2 ) ( L T L T + = + L z L d R + = H Q S Q D DC TC 2 + + = L d R = L z ss = L T z ss + = 2 L L = P = u o u C C C + size sample x samples of number defects of number total = p --= 3 , 3 min X USL LSL X C pk d-p p H 2DS = Q P )H p d-(1 2 Q + S Q D + DC = TC...
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fall 10_study guide for exam 1 - • Quality dimensions •...

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