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ugba 10 Principles of Business Spring 2011 3 Units Exam Group: No exam in Exam Week—exams are in-class Lecture: MWF 9:10 - 10:00 a.m., in Wheeler Auditorium Discussion: One hour, as registered Web Site The course web site at contains up-to-date information, announcements and the answers to many frequently asked questions (FAQ) , including questions on switching sections and wait-list. The course website contains the official policies and procedures of the course. Course Structure ugba-10 is taught in five, 3-week modules. There are three instructors, one of whom will be responsible for each module. One of the instructors serves as the Course Manager to whom all procedural questions (e.g. special accommodations, schedule problems, logistical difficulties) should be addressed. Each module ends with an in-class exam. In addition there are weekly one-hour discussion sections led that you must attend. You will be given a detailed outline at the beginning of each module, which will list the lecturers’ office hours. Instructors Instructor e-mail David Robinson Course Manager: Office hours: Wed 2:10 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. F 512 Haas School Cristina Banks David Vogel Module Calendar Module Topic/Instructor Lectures begin Module Exam 1 Marketing: Delighting customers D. Robinson Wed 1/19 1/17 is a holiday Monday 2/7 2 Business, Government and Society D. Vogel Wed 2/9 2/21 is a holiday Friday 2/25 3 Accounting and Finance D. Robinson Mon 2/28 Friday 3/18 Day before Sp. Break 4 Management of Organizations C. Banks Mon 3/28 Wednes 4/13 5 Producing quality goods and services D. Robinson Fri 4/15 Friday 4/29 Instructor Drop Warning : Sections do not meet in Thurs 8/26. You may be instructor-dropped if you fail to attend section as registered in Weeks 1 and 2 of the semester.
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2 Required Texts Please read assigned readings before the lecture. Both texts are required. Robinson, D., Banks, C. and Vogel, D. Principles of Business 2011: The Haas School of Business Reader to Accompany ugba-10 , Pearson, 2010 ISBN 0558795080 Ebert, Ronald J. and Griffin, R. W . Business Essentials 8th Edition, Prentice Hall, 2011 ISBN 01370553495 The bookstores may carry a slightly discounted shrink-wrapped bundle of the two books together, in which case the ISBN is: 0558794750 Course Materials Many course materials including lecture notes are available on the web from the course site. There are several syllabuses which are distributed in class and are posted on the website : The “Main White Syllabus” (this one) and five separate “Module Syllabus es printed on colored paper. We distribute the next module syllabus at each exam, and also post syllabuses on the web if you misplace yours. Grading
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ugba10Sp11 - u gba 10 Principles of Business Spring 2011 3...

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