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Term Paper FIN441 - You have to take any two recent years...

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Guidelines for Term Paper (FIN441) 1. Cover Page 2. Letter of transmittal 3. Table of contents 4. Executive summary 5. Main Report a. Introduction b. Sources of Data and methodology c. Report Body i. Overview of the two banks (Company profile in brief) ii. Products and services in brief iii. Financial statement analysis a. NIM Ratio b. ROE (Decomposition is preferred) c. ROA d. EPS e. Loan to Deposit ratio f. Current ratio g. CAR
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Unformatted text preview: You have to take any two recent years. iv. Stock market performance analysis a. Collect monthly` closing share price data for those two years you are analyzing. Find out the share performance (use capital gain for this purpose) b. Compare the share market performance with financial performance and comment if the financial performance influences share price performance. d. Conclusion Appendix...
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