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  Multimedia Project : Photostory/MyFakeWall CATEGORY 4 3 2 Attractiveness Content Organization Originality Teamwork Individuality Teacher Name:  Ms. Zinkel Student Name:     ________________________________________ Makes excellent use  of font, color,  graphics, effects, etc.  to enhance the  presentation. Makes good use of  font, color, graphics,  effects, etc. to  enhance to  presentation. Makes use of font,  color, graphics,  effects, etc. but  occasionally these  detract from the  Covers topic in-depth  with 10 slides or  status/wall posts.  Uses the themes  when creating each of  Includes many slides  or wall posts but does  not demonstrate  adaquate  understanding of the  Includes essential  information about the  themes but does not  include enough slides  or wall posts. Content is well  organized using  headings or bulleted  lists to group related  material.
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  • Spring '11
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  • presentation. presentation. detract, essential  presentation content., Covers topic in­depth, related  overall organization

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