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PT 418 Lab #2 Positioning, Draping and Bed Mobility Before beginning, familiarize yourself with the electric plinths and the adjustable rolling stools!! For today we will pretend that the plinths are beds. The bed is coming!! 1. With your partner, practice proper and effective positioning for the following situations: a. Supine b. Prone (with and without a face hole!). How might you modify for a patient with low back pain? c. Sidelying d. Supine, for a patient with a painful shoulder that cannot lay on the bed. 2. While in the above positions, drape for the following situations: a. Supine: 1. shoulder treatment, expose the entire shoulder 2. Anterior chest wall treatment, expose the anterior chest wall and neck 3. Hip treatment (ie: ROM) in a hospital bed, patient wearing a gown b. Prone: 1. Back massage/treatment, expose the ENTIRE back from the top of the sacrum to the base of the skull 2. Shoulder and neck treatment c. Sidelying: expose the greater trochanter for treatment such as ultrasound. 3. Bed Mobility:
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Unformatted text preview: Demonstrate proper technique (think body mechanics, protect yourself!) and verbal instructions for the following movements in bed/on plinth: a. Sliding patient over to the edge of the bed b. Moving patient ↑↓ c. Rolling patient ↔ sidelying d. Rolling patient supine ↔ prone e. Move patient from supine ↔ sitting *** for each of the above movements consider patients that are independent, semi-dependent and those who are 100% dependent (means you do all the work!). Explore the possibility of 1, 2, and 3 person assistance to the patient 4. Explore a wheelchair and figure out how to: a. elevate and remove footrests (if possible!) b. remove arm rests (if possible) c. fold the wheelchair d. recline the back of our reclining chair e. propel the wheelchair f. assist a patient with tipping the chair and find the “balance” position 5. Find and identify the Tilt Table and the Hoyer Lift. Explore them and we will learn all about their use later!...
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