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PT 418 Laboratory Objectives: Body Mechanics and Tilt Table 1. Identify and demonstrate proper posture/ergonomic considerations for: a. sitting b. standing c. reaching d. during exercise 2. Identify and practice proper body mechanics by performing the following: a. lifting a 50# crate from the floor to plinth height (a stationary one). b. Pushing/pulling a “gurney” (we’ll use the tilt table). Put a person on it! c. Lifting/carrying a 30# box around a corner (2 plinths at a 90 degree angle) d. Lifting an object out of a depressed area (ie: child in a crib, groceries in a trunk. We’ll use a chair with a back) e. Review your bed movements! f. Two person team lift of a very heavy object from the floor (~100# box) 3. Experiment with and determine which technique is the most comfortable for you individually. Traditional model? Lumbar Lordosis model? Neutral position model (San Francisco Spine Institute/DLS) Why? 4.
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Unformatted text preview: Practice each of the following techniques, which is the most comfortable for you? In what instances would you use each? a. deep squat lift b. “single knee lift” c. power lift d. straight leg/flat back lift e. golfers lift 5. What techniques will you use to teach these concepts? Think of 4 different ways you could possibly teach any of the above concepts to a patient. Remember, you will have to be a very good salesperson to convince someone to change their habitual behaviors!! 6. Outline and describe five suggestions you would provide to a person who desires information about the prevention of low back stress and injury. 7. Explore (be a patient on) and learn to utilize (be the therapist on) the tilt table. Do not need to monitor blood pressure, although this skill is a key component of this task. We will take several labs to get everyone on the tilt table....
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