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Lab Objectives PT 418 Transfers, including the Hoyer lift 1. Practice each of the following type of transfers to move from WC to bed, mat or low plinth: a. Standing pivot b. Standing pivot with assist to one extremity (ie: weak or paralyzed limb) c. Sitting transfer using a sliding board i. Patient fully dependent ii. Patient minimally dependent, working towards independence d. Sitting transfer without sliding board (patient is independent) e. One person lift “bucket” type transfer (patient is totally dependent) f. Two person lift (patient is totally dependent) 2. Practice each of the following type of transfers to move from a supine position in bed to another surface: a. Three person lift transfer (go around a 90 degree corner) b. Parallel slide using draw sheet (ie: bed to rolling gurney)
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Perform bed to WC transfer using the Hoyer lift. Be aware of body support and head support for the patient. a. How does it feel to be suspended in the air? b. What safety issues are important? c. When (with what type of patients) would you use the Hoyer? d. How can you assure patient understanding and participation? e. How would you document this transfer? 4. Practice WC to floor transfers and back, using a floor mat. 5. Think about HOW you will select a transfer for a patient. What factors will influence your choices? Why would you choose one transfer over another? What sort of communication must you use to convey what contributions the patient must make? Practice your commands....
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