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ultrasoundlab+cold - does the size of the ultrasound head...

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PT 418 LABORATORY OBJECTIVES: Ultrasound and Cryotherapy Lab #1: Ultrasound/Diathermy continued: 1. Continue with the exploration of the Diathermy machines if you did not finish in lab last week. 2. Explore at least two different ultrasound machines and become familiar with their use. It is important that you are efficient with application of and instruction related to ultrasound. 3. Give sample instructions to your partner so that he/she would be able to do the ultrasound, be sure to include each of the following: a. EXACT area to be treated in correct anatomical terms or on a body diagram. b. Frequency in ______ (units). **Only two commercially available… c. Dosage in ______ (units) d. Continuous vs. pulsed e. Treatment time in minutes 4. Know which machines deliver what “varieties” of ultrasound. What difference
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Unformatted text preview: does the size of the ultrasound head make? 5. What information will you give to the patient. What should they expect to feel, what should they tell you if they feel? 6. If time, begin to work on your Ultrasound proficiency checklists, available in lab. Lab #2 Cryotherapy 1. Participate in the experiment that is handed out in class. Carefully answer the questions that are provided with the experiment. 2. What clinical applications of cold will YOU use? Why? Which application is likely to be the most tolerable by the patients? Which is the most intense, and hence less tolerable to patients? 3. Explore and be comfortable with all types of cold applications, especially the cryocuff!...
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