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Name__________________________________ US Proficiency shown to: _________________________________ ULTRASOUND PROFICIENCY CHECKLIST PT 418 Instructions: Please have one of your classmates check you application and knowledge related to the use of ultrasound. Be thorough in your assessment and give feedback. Initial/sign and return to lab instructors by ___________. Ask, in the space below, any questions you may have regarding the application or theory of this modality. Thanks! 1. __________ Demonstrates appropriate technique for ultrasound application to a back or neck area (appropriate size of treatment area). 2. ___________ Demonstrates appropriate use of ultrasound gel (amount, application) in the above application, as well as underwater technique on the ankle or hand.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. ___________ Demonstrates knowledge of the difference between pulsed and continuous ultrasound. Gives examples of when each could be used. 4. ___________ Demonstrates appropriate technique for movement of the sound head during application. Correct speed, contact, and maintenance of gel on the surface being treated. 5. ___________ Demonstrates knowledge of proper intensity of ultrasound, can describe the range of intensities and when they might be used. 6. ___________ Chooses the appropriate MHz for the depth of desired treatment and can describe the approximate amount of penetration of heat in both. 7. ___________ Demonstrates knowledge of advantages/disadvantages of US vs. other heat modalities. Questions for instructors?...
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