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vitals, Sept 18,19 - c Blood pressure by auscultation 4...

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PT 418 Lab Objectives: Vital Signs and Emergencies 1. Review/continue with all aspects of assistive devices and gait training. 2. Correctly apply an ace bandage to the following areas, using the concepts of the diagonal wrap and the spica: a. Wrist/hand b. Shoulder c. Hip d. Knee e. Ankle/foot f. How would you wrap and amputation ? Think it through. 3. Demonstrate the ability to efficiently assess and record the following measurements: a. Heart rate/pulse at a minimum of three sites, carotid, one LE, and one UE. b. Respiration rate and quality
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Unformatted text preview: c. Blood pressure by auscultation 4. Give some examples of when you would assess and record the types of data listed in #3. What patient populations will you need to watch more closely than others? 5. Please bear in mind that it is correct procedure to keep a close eye on the vital signs of patients that are being treated using the tilt table. In general, you should pause from elevation and monitor signs and symptoms (which give you an indication of patient tolerance) every 15-20 degrees of tilt....
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