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Demographics Vocab Exam Study Guide

Demographics Vocab Exam Study Guide - o What continent(s...

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Study Guide for Demographics Vocab Exam – Monday February 28 th What you should know for the exam: What are demographics?  Give a definition and an example. What is the difference between population and population density? o What parts of the world tend to be densely populated? o Specific countries with higher and lower average population densities. What does per capita mean?  What is birth rate?  How is it typically measured? o What areas of the world tend to have a high birth rate?  o What areas of the world tend to have a low birth rate? What is death rate(mortality)? How is it typically measured? o What areas of the world tend to have a high mortality rate? o What areas of the world tend to have a low mortality rate? What is the infant mortality rate?  How is it typically measured? o Which continent (s) tends to have the highest infant mortality? 
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Unformatted text preview: o What continent (s) tend(s) to have the lowest infant mortality? What is the rate of natural increase? How is it determined? What is the literacy rate? o Name areas of the world with high and low literacy rates. o Why do we disaggregate female and male statistics? What is the GNIPPP also known as? o How are other demographics associated with this statistic? o What are areas of the world with high and low per capita incomes? What is life expectancy? Who tends to live longer? Men or women? What is the gender ratio at birth? o What is the meaning of the statistic? o Why does this statistic differ around the world? o What can we determine about a nation with a wide gap between male and female birth numbers?...
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