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FILMSTRIP - FILMSTRIP THE 1800S Your task is to create a...

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FILMSTRIP: THE 1800’S Your task is to create a “filmstrip” on butcher paper that illustrates major world events and issues from the 1800’s to 1914. Each frame will teach about a specific topic and must include important vocabulary, people and issues. Please consider this to be a major assignment and approach it in a thoughtful manner. You may work with two other people if you wish. But, be forewarned that if you split up the work and each student is not familiar with all topics, they will be doomed when the test rolls around. I suggest that when working in groups that you discuss and define each item as a group and then if you assign individuals to do frames, all of you will have discussed the information. Groups of three will complete all five frames. Individuals and groups of two will complete four frames. REQUIREMENTS: For each of the following topics, create colorful, content-rich, illustrated frames that teaches about the issues, vocabulary, and people listed.
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