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1 April 18, 2011 Transcription Process of making mRNA Extremely similar to replication When RNA is complete DNA "zips" back up RNA ­­ Ribose Nucleic Acid Ribose sugar Single stranded Uracil takes place of Thymine Translation Process of decoding DNA to make proteins Made of a string of Amino Acids Compose important structures in the body Information of DNA is put to work by proteins Message to make proteins is written in the DNA Group of 3 nucleotides is a Codon
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Unformatted text preview: 1 codon will make 1 amino acid The order of the nucleotides determines the type of protein There are a total of 64 different codons Not all codons code for an amino acid AUG is the start codon and codes for Methionine (always the 1st amino acid) UAA is a stop codon; ends translation There are 3 stop codons Multiple codons for the same amino acid (Wobble Hypothesis) Codons are universal for all organisms...
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