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Mendel.notebook March 16, 2011 Mendelian Genetics: Gregor Mendel: Cross pollinated (by hand) peas x Parental (P) Generation Firstfilial(F 1 ) Generation Secondfilial(F 2 Mendel looked at 7 different traits. He concluded that genes occur in pairs Alleles are alternate forms of a gene (Yellow/Green seed color) He concluded that some alleles are dominant and others recessive Genotype is the allele's present in the
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Unformatted text preview: organism Phenotype is the outward appearance of the organism Peas have 2 possible phenotypes: Yellow or green But, they have 3 possible genotypes: YY, Yy, or yy Homozygous dominant = two dominant alleles Homozygous recessive = two recessive alleles Heterozygous = one of each allele (aka Hybrid)...
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