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Unformatted text preview: 1­2 1­2 Slopes of lines Slope (m) ­ Steepness of a line m = y2 ­ y1 OR rise OR Δ y x2 ­ x1 run Δx Horizontal lines: m = 0 Vertical lines: m is undefined or no slope Positive slope: line goes uphill left to right Negative slope: line goes downhill left to right Aug 29­10:26 AM Y = mx + b slope­intercept form Find the slope(m) and y­intercept(b) of the following lines. Exs. 1. 7x + 13y = 26 2. 4x + 3y = 9 Aug 29­10:33 AM 1 1­2 Parallel lines have equal slopes: m1 = m2 Perpendicular lines have opposite reciprocal slopes: m1 = ­1/m2 Ex. a line l has equation x + 2y = 5 a) find the slope of a parallel line. b) find the slope of a perpendicular line. Aug 29­10:35 AM Ex. Find the value of k if the line joining (2,k) and (4,5) and the line y = 3x + 1 are a) parallel b) perpendicular Aug 29­10:46 AM 2 1­2 H.W. pp. 11­13 1­23 odd Aug 29­10:48 AM 3 ...
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