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Unformatted text preview: 7­2.notebook November 18, 2010 7­2 Sectors Sector­ Region of a circle bounded by a central angle and the intercepted arc. arclength (s) sector Formulas to know: Arclength: s = θr θ in radians. If theta is in degrees, convert degrees to radians then use formula. Area: k = 1/2 θr2 or 1/2 rs θ in radians. Mar 6­8:10 AM Ex. A sector of a circle has arclength (s) of 6 cm and area (k) of 75 cm2. Find its radius and the measure of its central angle θ (nearest tenth of a degree.). Mar 6­8:23 AM 1 7­2.notebook November 18, 2010 H.W. p.264 class 1­3 and p.264 written 1­8 Mar 6­8:30 AM 2 ...
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