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Unformatted text preview: 9­1.notebook November 19, 2010 9­1 Solving right triangles A opposite hypotenuse B adjacent C sin θ = opposite/hypotenuse cos θ = adjacent/hypotenuse tan θ = opposite/adjacent Apr 18­1:44 PM Ex 1. For the right triangle ABC shown, find value of b to the nearest tenth of a degree. A b c = 40 B 280 a C H.W. p. 333 1­6 Apr 18­1:56 PM 1 9­1.notebook November 19, 2010 Ex. 2 The safety instructions for a 20 ft. ladder indicate that the ladder should not be inclined at more than a 700 angle with the ground. Suppose the ladder is leaned against a house at this angle, as shown. Find a) the distance x from the base of the house to the foot of the ladder and b) the height, y reached by the ladder. 20 ft. 700 y H.W. p. 334 1­10 Apr 18­2:04 PM x Ex. 3 The highest tower in the world is in Toronto, Canada and it is 553 m. An observer at point A 100 m from the center of the tower's base sights the top of the tower. The angle of elevation is angle A. Find the measure of this angle to the nearest tenth of a degree. tower 553 m θ A 100 m Apr 18­2:16 PM 2 9­1.notebook November 19, 2010 8 8 4 A triangle has sides of lengths 8,8 and 4. Find the measure of the angles of the triangle to the nearest tenth of a degree. H.W. p.335 13­18 Mar 17­8:04 AM 3 ...
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