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9-1 - 91.notebook November19,2010 A opposite hypotenuse B...

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9­1.notebook 1 November 19, 2010 Apr 18­1:44 PM 9­1 Solving right triangles A B C opposite hypotenuse adjacent sin θ = opposite/hypotenuse cos θ = adjacent/hypotenuse tan θ = opposite/adjacent Apr 18­1:56 PM Ex 1 . For the right triangle ABC shown, find value of b to the nearest tenth of a degree. a b c = 40 A B C 28 0 H.W. p. 333 1­6
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9­1.notebook 2 November 19, 2010 Apr 18­2:04 PM Ex. 2 The safety instructions for a 20 ft. ladder indicate that the ladder should not be inclined at more than a 70 0 angle with the ground. Suppose the ladder is leaned against a house at this angle, as shown. Find a) the distance x from the base of the house to the foot of the ladder and b) the height, y reached by the
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