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Unformatted text preview: 9­3.notebook November 19, 2010 9­3 Law of Sines In triangle ABC, sin A = sin B = sin C c a b Mar 25­2:56 PM Ex. 1 A civil engineer wants to determine the distances from points A and B to an inaccessible point as shown. From direct measurements the engineer knows that AB = 25m, angle A = 1100 and angle B =200. Find AC and BC. C A B Mar 25­3:04 PM 1 9­3.notebook November 19, 2010 Ex. 2 In triangle RST, angle S = 1260, s = 12, and t = 7. Determine whether angle T exists. If so, find all possible measures of angle T. H.W. p.347 3­6 p. 348 7­21 Mar 25­3:07 PM 2 ...
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