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Amy's KitchenSolution - _O Demand for organic products...

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Name ___________________________ Section _____ Team Leader ________________ ( Barb, Ken, Joan) Perform a SWOT analysis for Amy’s Kitchen Video. Insert the appropriate letter(s) for the appropriate category of the SWOT on the line to the LEFT of the item. S= Strength, W=Weakness, O=Opportunity, T=Threat, N/A=Not Applicable ___S__ 1,600 people employed ___W__ Small business operation ___T__ Recession leading to reduced disposable income ___S__ Prepares ½ million meals per day ___W__ No business plan developed ___T__ FDA laws could change ___S__ Employee loyalty and longevity __W/T_ Food safety ___S__ Experienced management ~ 20 years ___O_ Generation Y has increasing purchasing power ___W_ Owners surprised by level of growth experienced ___S__ Family friendly work atmosphere ___S__ $250 Billion in Sales ___S__ Listens to consumers ___S__ Automated manufacturing facility ___O__ Competition – products viewed as horrible tasting ___W__ Lack of brand recognition ___N/A Expand capacity by opening additional manufacturing facility
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Unformatted text preview: ___O__ Demand for organic products increasing ___O__ Technology changing (twitter, etc.) ___O__ As more young people enter the workforce, demand for convenience foods is increasing ___S__ Owners believe in the value of organic foods ___S__ Availability of funding for growth ___N/A Owners able to control the costs of operations? ___T__ Increasing number of competitors focus on organic market ___S__ Owners view the business as an extension of themselves and able to be passed on ___N/A Current capacity utilization level? ___O__ Changing trends in acceptance of packaged/prepared meals ___T__ The number of suppliers willing to meet organic standards is growing at a slower rate than the increase in consumer demand for organic products which adversely affects the availability of certified organically grown raw materials ___N/A Amy’s Kitchen could start to use artificial preservatives to lengthen shelf life of its products ___S__ Growth of the business...
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  • organic farming, Organic certification, N/A=Not Applicable ___S__, ___S__ Employee loyalty, safety ___S__ Experienced

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Amy's KitchenSolution - _O Demand for organic products...

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