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Exam Summary Slide S11 - Mid-Term Exam Summary ,ShortAnswer...

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Mid-Term Exam Summary Part One--During Small Group Session                points Case Analysis –  Matching, Short Answer 60     Part Two—During Large Group Discussion Session Personality & Teams   (6 MC)                      Meeting Leadership & Facilitation  (2 MC)                     Business Meetings: Lecture & Key Learnings           Marketing Strategy/Retailing (8 MC)   Corporate Culture (8 MC)               Supply Chain Management (8 MC)                Valuation Analysis Concepts (6 MC) Case Analysis & CF Concepts   (14 MC) Expansion Concepts  ( 3 MC & 10 matching)              130 TOTAL Points                190  Bring Student ID.          No hats during exams.
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Mid-Term Exam Summary Part Three—Mid-Term Exam—Week 12                             points
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