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Expansion Project Product Approval Form-S11

Expansion Project Product Approval Form-S11 - Expansion...

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Expansion Feasibility Study Product Approval Form Section: Team: Team Member Names: Your team was assigned a country and a product line or industry at the beginning of the semester. This information is used to help you determine what type of “existing” U.S. company your team presently is working for. Assumptions about your company include: Incorporated in 1989; profitable; and a strong industry competitor holding 15% market share. Instructions: Download and complete the following form with information about your company. Your team must make a decision about what type of product your “existing” U.S. company presently manufactures and sells in the United States. You must select one product that falls within the NAICS (North American Industry Classification Code) code assigned to your team. Submit your selection to your Team Leader in Week 7. The assignment is worth 5 points. Item Description Company Name: NAICS Code: # Selected Product (Select one item category from NAICS list): Supply Chain Position:
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