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Strategy Flow Charts - customers are within the industry...

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Step 1. Define the industry Step 2. Determine overall direction. Growth (Expand) Stability (Stay the Same Size) Retrenchment (Shrink) Step 3. How is Step 2 being achieved? What businesses will the company be in? What industry is the company in? What is the company’s overall intent? Conglomerate Diversification (Unrelated Industry) Concentric Diversification (Closely Related Industry) Concentration Diversification (Same Industry) Horizontal Integration Vertical Integration Reaching out to new customers with new product lines or in new geographic regions Getting into the business of the company’s suppliers or distributors Corporate Level Strategy Flow Chart Turnaround Divestiture Restructuring Bankruptcy Sell or get rid of part of the company Significant reorganization of the company Get smaller, fix problems, then grow Seek court supervision or liquidate Pause No Change Proceed w/ caution Profit
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Step 1 . Determine the company’s Competitive Advantage. Step 2 . Determine who the desired
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Unformatted text preview: customers are within the industry. Low Cost Leadership Step 3 . Describe-- How are Steps 2 and 3 being achieved? How does the company position its products and services? Who is the company trying to attract with its products and services--- a mass market or a specific buyer group? Differentiation Focused Low Cost Low Cost Internal Costs Efficiency, Products of adequate quality Uniqueness Superior quality, special features, etc. Business Level Strategy Flow Chart Focused Differentiation Broad Target Market (Mass Market or Industry -Wide) Narrow Target Market (Specific buyer group, product line, or geographic market ) Integrated Low COST ≠ Low Price Internal costs vs. Price to customer Low cost strategy allows a company to use a low price market strategy and still make a profit $$! Integrated--------Advantage------------Scope---...
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