PHLMGT_248_607_syllabus - PHL 248-607 MGT 248-607 Business...

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Unformatted text preview: PHL 248-607/ MGT 248-607: Business Ethics Spring Quarter 2009 MW 3:10-4:40 Instructor : Steve Meinster Office : Lewis 1659 Office Hours : MW 2-3pm, or by appointment. Phone : 773-325-7265; e-mail: [email protected] COURSE DESCRIPTION The aim of the course will be to undertake a detailed examination of the history of exchange and consumption as it has arisen in Western society and do so from a distinctly philosophical perspective. The term "business" is at once so familiar and so abstract that it has almost become meaningless. What we now call, in a very general manner, "business" (“your mom’s is in our business”), has at its core the concept of exchange. We will use this concept to focus our study of the relationships between business, ethics, and society. A central issue will be the underlying socio-political values of the different models of exchange that we will investigate. This is primarily a question of ethics and it is in relation to this that we will be introduced to some of the most influential ethical and social theories. We will not look at these theories in abstraction, divorced from their social and historical origins, but rather in relation to a specific, historically determinable system of...
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PHLMGT_248_607_syllabus - PHL 248-607 MGT 248-607 Business...

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