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DePaul University Principles of Marketing MKT 301-405 Fall 2010 Monday/Wednesday (10:10 AM– 11:40 AM), DePaul Center Room 8209 Professor: Jun (Jack) Xu Email: [email protected] Phone: 312-362-8421 Fax: 312-362-5647 Office: DePaul Center 7507 Office Hours: Regular : Tuesday 2:00 – 3:00 pm, and by appointment Special Office Visit: Tuesday 3:00 – 4:00 pm Required Textbook: Roger A. Kerin; Steven W. Hartley; and William Rudelius (2009). Marketing: The Core, 3rd Edition, McGraw-Hill/Irwin (ISBN-13: 978-0-07- 338106-0; ISBN-10: 0-07-338106-3). Course Philosophy: This course is designed for both business and non-business major students who may at some point of their careers find themselves in marketing-related positions, or in non-marketing-related positions but have certain connections with marketing. This course belongs to all of us. All of us have the responsibility to establish a positive learning environment where everyone feels comfortable and encouraged to participate in class activities. My role in this course is to provide you with various learning opportunities and to act as a coach to facilitate the learning process. Your job is to take advantage of these opportunities and actively engage into the learning process. All of us have a responsibility to make each class a valuable learning experience. Effective learning should be a two-way process. That means, the students’ role in the learning process is not static. Rather than sticking to the traditional role of students, students are sometimes encouraged to take the role of professor and achieve effective learning during the process of role-switching. Learning is life-long. The textbook only provide you with the basic foundation. However, this basic foundation can act as the guidance to facilitate your future learning. All of you are encouraged and expected to go beyond the textbook by reading popular practical business press (e.g., Wall Street Journal , Business Week , and Fortune , etc.), research journals (e.g., Journal of Marketing , Journal of Marketing Research , Journal of Consumer Research , and Marketing Science etc.), and other relevant marketing books, talking to experienced marketing managers, and searching relevant sites over the Internet. 1
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Course Objectives: You will understand the role of marketing within society and within an economic system. You will learn the vital role of marketing within a firm and the necessary relationships between marketing and the other functional areas of business. You will consider the various decision areas within marketing and the tools and methods used by marketing managers for making decisions. You will learn key marketing principles and terminology. Because this is a survey course, there is an emphasis on basic terminology and concepts. You will appreciate how a marketing perspective is important in your own
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syllabus_MKT301-405 - DePaul University Principles of...

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